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Organic and natural cosmetics

The difference between a natural biological product and a conventional product is it's high quality; the amount of active ingredients, as well as the manufacturing process of the product ingredients.

Organic, unlike traditional cosmetology, does not use additives such as dyes, perfumes and chemical preservatives.

The majority of our ingredients come from agriculture that does not use any pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or synthetic fertilizers. They instead consist of hydrosol, first cold pressed organic oil, vegetable butters and waxes, essential oils, algae, plant extracts and clay.

The ratio of active ingredients used in cosmetics organic is clearly superior to conventional products:
up to 100% for some bio-natural, whereas there is often less than 1% for a conventional product.

The entire chain of production, conservation, and movements are monitored regularly by an independent organisation comissioned by the government.

The Source Aulps range contains no ingredients derived from inert and undesirable petrochemicals, which are only used in inferior products to give texture, aroma and lower cost.

All our products far exceed the level of demand for the regulation of organic products:

- 100% of ingredients are of natural origin and between 50% and 97.79% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

- All our creams contain no water (conventional products contain about 65%) but instead a concentrate of natural ingredients of plant origin.

- Our creams are certainly now the only cream in the world with such rich and effective formulas, whilst having great traditional product textures: soft, smooth, easily absorbed into the skin without any side effects, low scented, promote well-being and are a pleasure to use.

- They are crafted in black bottles that stop air and light entering or leaving, to eliminate any risk of contamination and spoilage.


Natural body care from the source


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